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Advanced Training

Advanced Healthcare Training Supplies

WorldPoint Specializes in Leading Products for Advance Healthcare Training

Advanced healthcare training and simulation is a fast-growing area of practice and a critical focus for WorldPoint. We understand that in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, patient care, technology, and equipment are continuously evolving. This evolution impacts techniques, methods, procedures, and protocol.

Healthcare Needs Inspire Evolution in Advanced Healthcare Training Products

Our advanced healthcare training equipment and supplies help instructors meet the demands of rapid change in the healthcare industry. Consequently, some of the advanced healthcare training areas that we support include:


  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Training: ALS stabilizes patients during therapy. Providers assess and treat the underlying causes of the patient’s condition to prevent regression. In addition to advanced skills, ALS helps providers better assess problems to make life and death decisions of what to do and when. 
  • Auscultation Training: Auscultation requires listening to the internal sounds of the body, usually with a stethoscope. Auscultation is performed for the purposes of examining the circulatory and respiratory systems (heart and breath sounds), as well as the gastrointestinal system (bowel sounds). Our manikins allow for realistic auscultation and assessment of patients.
  • ECG Simulation: ECG Simulation Runs dynamic training simulations to teach students how to read heart rhythms and respond to different cardiac crisis scenarios with defibrillation or other appropriate prescribed protocol.
  • Endoscopy Training: WorldPoint’s endoscopy manikins facilitate simulations with gastroscopy and bronchoscopy. As a result, they reinforce cognitive and psychomotor endoscopy skills, preventing and managing complications, and promoting team process.
  • Obstetrics Training: WorldPoint carries a wide variety of obstetric manikins and training supplies for childbirth training. Simulators facilitate the training and implementation of correct clinical procedures when confronted with impact of the fetal head, cervical dilation simulators to give students a tactile understanding, a full body pregnancy simulator, a virtual reality vaginal exam model, uterus and placenta models, and maternity simulation jackets.
  • R-CAT/RCR TrainingR-CAT/RCR laminated tools are designed to help ensure accuracy and lend confidence in your EKG readings. Because they are laminated, all R-CAT/RCR aids can be wiped down with a disinfectant after use. Use our unique calibrated tools for evaluating heart rate, PR, QRS, QT intervals and significant Q-Waves on EKG rhythm strips and 12 lead EKG analysis.
  • Trauma Training: More than 60 different trauma-training aids to simulate real-world crisis in pediatric and adult patients. In simulated scenarios, students use hemostatic dressings, pressure dressings, and tourniquets as they would in a real emergency. Our products include hydrasim kits and replacement parts, trauma manikins, injury fabrications kits, and casualty care training kits.
  • Women's Health Training: Build your confidence in women’s healthcare with a variety of training products. WorldPoint’s training products will help you with catheterization, Leopold Maneuvers, breast palpation, gynecological inspection, breast cancer training, and advanced childbirth procedures. We also carry models for use in teaching and patient consultation including female organ model, female condom model, lactating breast models, and breast self-exam simulators.