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CPR Manikins

CPR Manikins - Adult, Child & Infant Manikins

CPR Certification Results Improve with CPR Manikins. What are the Most Important Features of a CPR Manikin?

CPR certification results can be dramatically improved when learning is reinforced with a CPR manikin. CPR manikins are a critical tool for enhancing training. Eliminate confusion by deciding what features should you look for when buying one.

There are many CPR, AED, and BLS manikins available on the market today. WorldPoint offers top quality brands including Laerdal, Nasco, Prestan, Simulaids and Act+Fast.

Features can include realistic anatomy, compression feedback systems, and computer-aided student assessment in real time. The most important thing to consider when buying a manikin for CPR certification is what best meets your needs. WorldPoint advisors can help you determine the manikin that is most suitable for specific requirements.

All the CPR Instructor and Certification Supplies You Need on WorldPoint

Browse our selection of CPR training supplies in the categories below:

  • Masks, Shields & Valves: Instructors, check out WorldPoint for the most cost-effective supplies for CPR training! We offer a wide variety of masks, shields, and valves.
  • Bag Valve Masks (BVM): A Bag Valve Mask (Ambu Bag/ BVM) is a fundamental piece of CPR equipment in professional rescuer training. Only trained and certified personnel should use this advanced medical equipment in a clinical environment.
  • AED Trainers & Pads: Because they are fully compliant with current ECC CPR guidelines, these AED trainers and pads are unique and cost-effective training units.
  • Student Training Kits: Teaching a First Aid or CPR class? Our student training kits are an affordable approach to class planning. They are perfect for teaching necessary life-saving first aid skills to your students.
  • Exam Gloves: A personal protective equipment basic for any training class. Our exam gloves are medical grade, and 100% powder/latex-free.
  • CPR Kneeling Mats: Facilitate your student's CPR certification session with WNL's Practi-MAT kneeling pad. It's a great way to reduce knee pain and lower back stress during training.
  • Epi Trainers: Anaphylaxis can lead to death or permanent damage within minutes. Therefore, timely administration of epinephrine is critical. After practicing with Epi trainers, responders will react confidently when the situation calls for use of this life-saving treatment.
  • AHA Training Materials: American Heart Association training materials for Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and AED classes. Everything you need to teach AHA classes.