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Nustat Hemostatic Dressings 2" x 36"

SKU: 40-202

Vendor Part Number: NT-0236


  • A New Class of hemostatics! (TEST TODAY 2018/02/14!)
  • Immediate hemostasis achieved upon application
  • Effectiveness maintained in wet environment and when fully saturated
  • Replaces NT-0236



NuStat Tactical is a comprehensive matrix of hemostatic clotting fibers that work synergistically to accelerate clot formation.

The matrix consists of two primary components; cellulose and silica-based fibers, that provide:

  • Absorption and Concentration: The cellulose component quickly absorbs excess fluid and binds red cell from the injury site, thereby concentrating the cellular and molecular mechanisms needed for effective hemostasis.
  • Activation and Attachment: The silica-based component promotes platelet activation and attachment at the wound site. This well-known phenomenon is known as the glass effect, ultimately helping to accelerate the body's natural formation of a platelet plug
  • A safe, effective hemostatic dressing
  • Ideally suited for penetrating trauma wounds
  • Narrow dressing width allows for easy, rapid application