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Wound Care Certification and Other Nursing Specialties Benefit from Simulation Training

Wound care certification has become increasingly important with the growing focus on patient safety and outcome. The Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing Certification Board (WOCNCB) reports that more than 8,100 nurses have been certified through their organization. A book on Advances in Wound Care by Lisa Corbett, APRN, CWOCN, reports that specialty certification in nursing improves patient satisfaction, nurse staffing, retention rates, and workplace empowerment.

Job Opportunities on the Rise for Nurses with Wound Care Certification

Evidence suggests that certified wound care nurses demonstrate more knowledge than non certified nurses. Wound certified nurses also stage pressure ulcers and assess lower extremity vascular status more accurately. Corbett also notes that job opportunities for certified wound nurses are increasing. As a result, nurses with wound care certification can be found in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home care, and outpatient wound centers.

Wound Care Training Manikins Help Improve Learning, Confidence and Patient Care  

WorldPoint’s portfolio of brand name manikins and simulators are improving wound care certification training for nurses in many practice areas. WorldPoint also provides skills-training manikins for use in airway and vascular certification. Our manikins help ensure that your students receive the hands-on experience they deserve. WorldPoint’s patient-care manikins, anatomical models, and IV task trainers assist nurses by providing real-world simulations. They also allow instructors to observe student techniques.

 WorldPoint Manikins Assist Instructors with Wound Care Certification Training and Other Specialties

WorldPoint manikins come from the leading manufacturers such as Laerdal, Simulaids, Gaumard, VATA, Nasco, Ambu and others. They feature optimal technology, realistic skin, and accurate anatomy. These highly detailed manikins allow students to practice specific procedures, and protocol prior to working with real patients. Nursing students using manikins have reported improved comfort levels with actual patients following simulated experiences with realistic manikins.

Contact WorldPoint today! Our experienced representatives help you fill training needs for certification in wound care, intubation, vascular and venipuncture procedures.